Front Office



Front Desk Administrator

When you first come into the office you see the bright and shining smile of Patty. With her 30+ years as a dental administrator she’s always there to greet you and ask how your day’s going and what’s new?! Once you get to know Patty, you realize that she is a well cultured woman and photographer. She loves fashion, photography, fine art, and fossils. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Ron and two grown children, Callie and Logan. When you call in and hear her voice, you can’t help but smile because she has such a calming effect.



Financial Administrator


When you have the pleasure of meeting Christy, you will know that she is there to help resolve and answer any questions that you have. She is very knowledgeable and helps put any questions you have to ease. Christy enjoys spending time with her son, Kayd, exercising, baking, and fashion. She is a very caring individual and is always there to assist. If you ever have any questions about financing, insurance, or just want to talk about your account, Christy is there to take care of you.